Travel2School app - enabling smartcard auto top up

If you want your smartcard account to be topped up automatically when its balance reaches a certain level the Auto Top-up feature can be enabled.

The following steps are for setting up the Auto Top-up on your app.  

  • Select the Travel2School app on your mobile device and login to the app. 
  • On the Home page, select the Smartcards button. 
  • home page screenshot
  • Select the Auto Top-up button on the bottom bar of the My Smartcards page. 

auto top up bottom bar screenshot

  • You will need to have saved your payment card details to enable this feature. If your payment card details haven't been saved before, select the OK button on the Auto Topup prompt and enter your payment card details into the Card Details page. Select Save to complete this process.. More instructions for linking or updating your payment method can be found here

auto top up prompt screenshot

  • Turn on the Auto Top Up toggle to start to enable this feature.

all smartcards off screenshot

  • Select the smartcard(s) to configure: 
    • You can choose to enable auto top up for All smartcards or individual smartcards.     

    top up single card screenshot

    • You can also enable the same Top Up Trigger and Top Up Amount for your smartcards. 

    top up all screenshot

  • To set up auto top up, you will need to define:
    • Top Up Trigger: what smartcard balance will cause the auto top up to happen when your balance reaches this amount or lower.
    • Top Up Amount: how much will be added automatically to your smartcard account when the auto top up is triggered.
  • Set up
    • Step 1: define the Top Up Trigger amount. You can choose the trigger amount by selecting one option $10, $20, $50, $100 or entering your amount (greater or equal to $5). 

    top up trigger screenshot

    • Step 2: define the Top Up Amount. You can choose the top up amount by selecting one option $10, $20, $50, $100 or entering your amount (greater or equal to $10). 

    top up amount

  • Select the Save button.
  • If auto top up is saved for an individual smartcard, this will show against the smartcard, as shown below.
  • top up single smartcard screenshot

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