Travel2School app - adding funds to your smartcard

  • Select the Travel2School app on your mobile device and login to the app. 
  • On the Home page, select the Smartcards button. 

home page screenshot

  • On the My Smartcards page, select the smartcard you want to add funds to by selecting the applicable smartcard or selecting the arrow down button. 

select card screenshot

  • Select the Add Fund button on the selected smartcard. 

add fund screenshot

  • The Add Smartcard Fund page will open the selected smartcard's name and card UID.

add fund page screenshot

  • Select the Add button to process adding funds to the smartcard. 
    • If you have saved a payment method on the app. 
      • The Add Fund prompt is shown. Select the Yes button to confirm the payment process. 

      add fund prompt screenshot

      • Select the OK button on the Add Fund successful prompt to close the box and go back to your My Smartcards page. The balance of the selected smartcard will now have been updated.
    • If you haven't saved a payment method on the app.
      • The Card Details page is shown. Enter the card payment details then:  
        • Option 1: Select the box Save card details for future use and then select the Save button to save your payment card details for future and also complete the current payment transaction. 

        save card payment screenshot

        • Option 2: Deselect the box Save card details for future use and select the Add Fund button to process the payment.    

        unsave card payment screenshot

        • Note: please also select Stripe's Privacy Policy and Term link to read and understand the related policies and terms before processing the payment. 

        terms and policies screenshot

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